Thursday, November 4, 2010


day 133:

day 134:
wardrobe choices: pants, brothers underwear, pettiskirt

day 135:
tink at jack's school party

day 136:
fruit basket at halloween party #2

day 137:
look, no parkas!!!!!  the snow melted & it was "warm" for trick-or-treating!!

Henry got a surprise in the mail

day 139
while trying to get her down for a nap, she had other many wipes does it take to fill a pull-up?

day 140:
new hair do! (stole this from last nights post, as I only had 2 photos from yesterday!)

Soooo....I've been taking photos, but not checking the quality before moving on to the next day, and I've been pushing it with high ISO and no flash...and low f/stops.  I need to learn more about taking photos in low light, as that'll be our winter here, and I would really love to have some great shots!

xox charmaine


Sarah Halstead said...

All great photos. I really love the shot of the taco. Awesome job as always.

Schmody said...

I love it that Tinkerbell is wearing ugg boots under her dress! Beautiful pics once again. Jody

nanny said...

Wonderful shots....
That taco is fabulous!!!!