Friday, January 21, 2011


Night Motion Blur
First of all.....finding a decent location is tough in our town.  Plus.....we had some pretty freezing winds yesterday....and I may have tromped through THIGH HIGH snow to get to this spot...maybe.  I wish I had a bridge that I could've stood on to look down on traffic, but that seriously would've put my life in danger....and as much as I'm willing to freeze my fingers / face / butt off for a good photo.....I'm not willing to stand on a snowbank right next to crazy winter drivers!

So the above shot was the best I could come up with...I'll try again, once it warms up!

And I thought I would share a shot of my little Potato Head:
 Shot with my iPhone, in bad lighting conditions....but I knew that if I walked downstairs to get my camera the moment would be gone!


Anonymous said...

He he. that is so cute. I love your night shot. That is a lot of snow.

love and life ♥ said...

I think the first shot is so cool! Aww Lily is too cute, I love this camera app! xx

Courtney said...

Love how the lights turned out! And you're right - that moment would have been missed had you ran to get your camera. Cute!