Tuesday, November 16, 2010

touch up tuesday

Last Friday I was driving between my Mom's town & mine and I saw a couple old cars & a truck on the opposite side of the highway and made a mental note to stop on my way back.  Of course I forgot, so I made a special trip Monday morning (since it was only about 7 minutes from home).


1. color fill layer (dark royal blue) on exclusion at 77% opacity
2. background copy on screen at 38% opacity
3. coffee tea or me texture at 71% opacity
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama
I haven't done my recent homework for my photoshop skinny mini eCourse, but the edit was done with the knowledge I've gained from Kim Klassen!

xox charmaine


jillconyers said...

Cool edit. I made note of some of your work flow use on a photo I have.

I'm in the skinny mini ecourse summer school edition :) Still playing catch up and enjoying all that I'm learning.

Anonymous said...

I like it. Great job!

Ashley Sisk said...

That's a great edit - I haven't played much with exclusion but I'll have to tinker with it.

L. said...

Wow, I love the photo SOOC but your edit is really awesome!

Annette Whelan said...

Great edit but I love the sooc as well!!