Tuesday, November 2, 2010

paper mama: halloween & trendy treehouse shutter love tuesday

I've missed a lot of challenges in the past few days, and hopefully I'll get my act together with these photos.  But Halloween was something we had a lot of this weekend.  In-school parties on Friday, a friend's party on Saturday and then our annual Mom's group party on Sunday morning (did I mention that we had soccer & 2 hockey practices thrown in....and pumpkin decorating & trick-or-treating???).
Here's my little Storm Trooper. I love how his tiny nose is off center in the helmet!  This shot is SOOC.
The Paper Mama

On a side note....I became a hockey Mom this weekend!  I've thought that soccer for the past couple of years was really cute & I'll support my kids in any physical activities they choose....but I've always wanted hockey.  My Dad played hockey & I grew up in a hockey town.  Pretty much all my guy friends played too.  It's the only sport I can say I truly love.  And I was worried b/c Jack isn't a strong skater yet. I didn't get to go to Saturday's practice b/c of Henry's soccer so when I saw him on Sunday morning I couldn't believe my eyes!  He was working so hard & skating so fast in the drills that if he hadn't almost ran right into the boards in front of me I may not have realized it was him!  And the grin on his face said it all!  Too bad I couldn't catch it!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

xox charmaine


Ashley Sisk said...

Love the costume and congrats on becoming a Hockey Mom!

Anonymous said...

I love the costume. Great photo for SOOC. So neat about hockey.

Siobhan said...

Wow you are a busy busy Girl.....love the costume!!

The Girl in the Red Soles said...

Best Costume Ever!!!!! That is truly, excuse my language, bada$$!!!!! Love it!

What I Did Today said...

Great costume! And that cute nose was the first thing I noticed. Can he even see? Too cute.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

So glad Halloween is finished. It does make for a busy week. This shot is great. Looking forward to all the little hockey shots too. It's so great when the kids do find something they love... especially if it's your love too.