Friday, October 8, 2010


I kind of feel like someone is walking just behind me waiting to say "gotcha".  I'm having technical difficulties!  To say the least!  Computer problems, phone problems, PVR problems....any kind of electronics....My newest problem is email.  Not working on the computer, but working on the phone for the past couple of days (Gmail....installed by a techie guy at the apple store).  But now it's not working on my phone.  It says the user name or password isn't valid....but they both are!  And so I re-activated my internet provider emails and have been downloading hundreds of emails all afternoon, just so I can delete them (guess I should go to their website more to delete...ooops!).'s kind of getting to the point that I feel like someone is playing a joke on me!  Cause I can't be THAT electronically challenged....can I???  

Here's my daily photo, I tried to capture a macro this morning so I could post to Macro Friday & do this post at the same time, but there wasn't much in the hallways of school.....and what I took wasn't macro fantastic!  What I did get is Lily being silly & laying on the floor....she & Henry & another boy have to wait for 30 minutes every Tuesday & Friday mornings in between dropping of the older sibling to the start of their class.  And we have to try to keep them quiet, as the rest of the school is in they run circles, dance, play on the floor & sometimes I read.
Hope you all have a fantastic's our Thanksgiving long weekend, so we're spending tomorrow afternoon/evening with my Mom & then having a family weekend!

xox charmaine


Shauna said...

Hope you have a good weekend! :) Shauna from

Mackenzie said...

Beautiful shot!!