Thursday, October 7, 2010


I think I've finally got my act together.  With the help of my friend Siobhan, I've got my numbers for my 365 challenge straightened out!  I still totally missed taking a photo on Sunday, but hopefully it'll be my only lapse.

Day 110
 what lines my windowsill on any given day

 most days I love our puppy....but not this day

Day 112
 another chance to blow a dandelion fluff

Day 113
looking for Mama in the mirror at the park

I'm sitting here drinking my deca chai that I made & eating a handful of peanut M&M's (b/c they were on the shelf below the dishwasher soap & I just had to turn it on).  I thought they were supposed to melt in your mouth, not in your hand?  My hand is blue & orange from carrying them upstairs!

xox charmaine


Ewa said...

it's great to have dogs, but when you find little suprises like you did on day 111, you just have to ask yourseld why? on the other side that's a nice capture :)
I love all the other as well !

Karli said...

Oh, these are fantastic! I really wish I was more consistent with mine. How awesome to look back and see a year of your life in pictures! :-) Gorgeous!

Courtney said...

Great shots, Charmaine! #2 had me cracking up - I can totally relate, unfortunately.