Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Photo Hunt

Wow!  This photo hunt was more difficult that I thought it would be!  I can't wait to see what everyone else came up with!!!

1. A Flag that Represents Me
Where I'm from: Alberta, Canada.  I've lived here since I was 2.

2. Something Comfortable
Our Wedding Rings.....comfortable to wear and I find comfort in the fact that I'm married to my best friend.

3. Something in Season
Market carrots....mmmmmm.

4. Feet
The sweet, goofy feet that I hear first thing in the morning, that I kiss, wash, tickle.

5. Repetition
A building on the grounds where we had our wedding photos taken 6 years ago, we visited the grounds for a picnic on Sunday.

6. Culture or Ethnicity
Food....the way I explore other ethnicities the most.  Our Favorite: Indian.

7. Contrast
Not a photo I'd put on the wall, but I love the contrast of the light & dark.

8. An Indulgence
I try to limit myself to one latte a week....definitely my indulgence.

9. Macro or Closeup

10. Something Masculine

11. Something Feminine

12. Light

13. Eco-friendly
Our compost bin, provided by our County.  In the summer they pick up composting weekly, in the winter, every 2nd.

14. Business
Local Farmer's Market

15. Arrow

16. Something Wet

17. Something Dry
Sunscreened up, the dry sand sticks to her.

18. Butterflies

19. Heart Shaped Clouds
I NEVER thought I'd actually capture this one!

20. Strength

Thank you for stopping by!  To see more August Photo Hunt entries, click HERE!


Carolyn Ford said...

Every ONE of these is outstanding! I love the 3 little sets of sweet is that! I love them all...very impressive captures!

Cara. said...

These are great captures! I love the feet, the repetition, and the composition of your butterfly shot.

Check out my entries!

Eboix said...

Love the little feet! These are all outstanding shots,I love the light photo as well, great job!

Alita said...

Wonderful captures chica. Comfort and in season are fun, but I relate to masculine quite a bit. My boys were really into pirates for awhile. Oh and the light in the fountain... A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Your wet is super cute, but dry (along with light) are my favorites!

Ang said...

your masculine shot is funny! great photo collection!!

Christopher And Tia said...


your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

Mommy2Four said...

That was some beautiful photography.....I'm not sure I can pick a favorite!

I looked at more clouds this month looking for a heart! lol I wasn';t sure I'd ever find one either!

Ewa said...

WOW, great photos, and that "light" photo is beautiful !

Reading Allowed said...

Beautiful! I love your light photo and your butterfly shot. It looks like the butterfly is standing on water at first glance, the grain of the wood is so pretty here.

Coffee is definitely my indulgence too :) I should have thought of that!

Faith said...

feet, light, and wet are my favorites! sweet did a great job!

Betty Anne said...

Something wet and something dry are my favorites, but they are all great shots : )

Nat said...

Great shots! The more I see the more I'm amazed at how different everyone's interpretations are. Hard to pick a favorite but I love the "light" one. Great job!

Ashley Sisk said...

Wow - so many favorites...contrast, light, something dry...I think there was one more - but seriously, great work this month!

Kimberly said...

You know I love these all, but I can't believe that heart shaped cloud!!! I thought that was hard...

Sarah said...

Wow, I love all of your shots! These are all gorgeous! It is difficult for me to narrow down a fav out of these! If I had to pick I think it would be your shots for something wet and something comfortable!

Meredith said...

I love your feet shot so much--it is too precious!

Annette Whelan said...

I love this idea Charmaine!! Where do I sign up?? Great idea!!

Mrs Mar said...

Good job on finding a hart shaped cloud, I was having my doupts too.

Love the butterfly pictur.

Kristi said...

Awesome job! I loved them all, you had so many good shots! I love wet, feet, comfortable, light! Nice work and thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

These are great!! I especially like the light one - it is just stunning!!

Kristi said...

Hey- Just wanted to let you know that you are the WINNER of the $40 Giveaway to CSN Stores!!

Please e-mail me to claim your prize!

Siobhan said...

Wooooo hooo congrats on the win!! Great Job Girl...