Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today we went to the Strawberry Patch! Long sleeves. Pants, not shorts. Rubber boots. Bug spray. Mosquitoes? FIELD DAY!!!!!!

Lily walked along a little behind, tasting along the way.

The boys took turns carrying the basket & picking strawberries. And showed HUGE restraint & didn't eat ANY!

Don't they look FANTASTIC???!!! Well, they WERE! We ate about a quarter of our basket as soon as we paid. Put the basket down near the rear tire so it wouldn't get stepped on while loading 3 kids with a trip to the porta-potty & a diaper change & a screaming baby that didn't want to get in her chair. Arrive at home eager to eat some more & share with Dan when he gets home......but there are no berries to be found. Did I remember to put them in the truck after loading all the kids? NO. Were we 30 minutes away? Yes. Could I have driven over the basket? Quite possibly.

So.....I'm going to have to get my courage up to take 3 kids there again. And use ADULT mosquito spray....and a hat......and maybe a net over my head????



Ashley Sisk said...

This is a great series....looks like a great time.

justinegordon said...

I love your photos on your blog, your black and white ones are stunning, great journal too

Melissa Schulz said...

I'm not surprised you forgot them LOL. Good job Char. Take me with next time you go!!

Kristen Andrews said...

and I bet those strawberries are delicious

Annette Whelan said...

I love this post! Great story and great photos!!