Sunday, January 15, 2012


This week's prompts were Responsibility and Open.
52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE

I chose Responsibility.  It's my (and my husband's) responsibility to mould our children.  Teach them respect for others and to themselves.  I think about it every time Lily puts on her play makeup that our friend bought for her birthday.  I tell her she's so beautiful already that she doesn't need makeup.  I hope when she's older she doesn't feel the need to change everything about herself and that she needs makeup to make herself pretty for others.  I used PTM's For the love of old film intense, rounded corners and FB resizer for my photo.  I'm trying to start embracing the grain, so I might very well use this action on all of my photos for this challenge.

(makeover by Lily)

Jack chose open.  His Dad spent the day trying to fix our dishwasher, so there were tools everywhere and an "open" toolbox on the counter.  Jack used PTM's Candy Shop, and I can't remember now which layer he wanted turned on ;oP
2-52 jack

xoxo charmaine


Tamar SB said...

Your little one is quite the photographer! Love his perspective!

Naomi said...

The first pic...SO CUTE! Love it. And the second, I'm so impressed! Hope my little ones love photography as much as I do!

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and a little bit vintage said...

oh stinkin cute! love the composition in that capture. :)