Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I went in search of signs of spring.

It's cold here.   Like minus double digits and I just heard that we're expecting more snow this week.......but the trees seem to know that it should be spring:
And I had fun watching Lily's technique for eating shells & cheese:
What are you doing today?

xoxo charmaine


Ashley Sisk said...

Oh yes - those do look like signs of spring.

Naomi said...

Lily is too cute! All of these blogs I go on have signs of spring! I can't wait! I haven't seen any around here though...more snow for us this week too. BOO.

love and life ♥ said...

I wish Ash was right. Yes...they look like signs of Spring but what is with this "SNOW STORM WARNING FOR THE CITY OF EDMONTON FOR THURSDAY & FRIDAY" Give me a break. It's March! At this rate our walk date won't happen until next year lol.

Oh well.....we get the privilege of taking more pictures like these & everyone else can take photos of blooming flowers....haha.

Beautiful shots though, I do love these buds. So pretty! Love the texture you added as well.

Awwww Lily eats like her mama.....HA kidding.

Today I blogged, did cardio twice and drank coffee. Yup.

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Um, yeah. So the minus celsius problem. :( And more snow. Yep. But tomorrow is supposed to be nice... and Monday... there's always hope, eh?

Love the close-ups of the trees. Definitely blooming and spring-like. :)

Brooke said...

Those cute little buds = hope! Spring will come eventually. Hang in there :D

Buckeroomama said...

Does this mean that we might still see some snow when we visit Banff this summer (or at least snow-capped mountains)?