Sunday, March 13, 2011


Phew.....this weekend was hectic.  Like run around from morning until night and then all over again kind of hectic.  I just washed yesterday's make-up off and showered (I'm sure I was a treat to be around today).  

Yesterday I toured the big city with my friend Michelle to take a few photos of her for her business:
Michelle Hansen Photography
Today, the time change messed me up a bit b/c our hockey time was even earlier than normal and I had a Maternity session booked with Dan's cousin for mid-morning.
38 weeks
Did I mention that I had card club right after that, and then a birthday party from 3:45-5:45???  Such a busy day, but it was amazing.  I will sleep like a rock tonight.

xoxo charmaine


Rachel~Wildflower Photography and a little bit vintage said...

Lovely shots! :) That door is awesome...perfect for photographing! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great photos.