Saturday, January 29, 2011


My computer crashed & I lost my photoshop (among other things).  I didn't keep a record of the licence #, so I have to buy something else (or buy it again).  I've downloaded a couple trials, but can't seem to get the storyboard to here's my week all in a row....

 It's great to have Auntie's to show you neat stuff...

Making shape puzzles

 Playing with Papa's iPad

 Photo for my class with Faith at Simplicity (while making mass suppers for freezer meals)

 Jack: I think I have a hard noodle.  Dan: Let me see.  That's your tooth.  Jack: That's weird!
(first one lost!)

 After 3 days in the shop....FINALLY home!  With a new base(?), hard drive & board (I'm showing how I knew that the base was new....Hank had dropped it, so there was a dent top & bottom)

My Mom.....isn't she beautiful?  She came to be our chauffeur today when I blocked Dan in last night and my truck died.....oh's all fun and games around here!!!

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xoxo Charmaine


love and life ♥ said...

I love how Lily is sprawled over the table. Such a cute shot of the 3 of them. My Uncle has an iPad. Unfortunately it was such a hit with his 2 little daughters and wife, he had to buy 3 more so his would stay untouched! I see this in your future. HA. Kidding. Glad your MacBook is back but sad that you lost Photoshop!! Grrr. Was it not a disc that is loaded to the computer?

Love all the pictures, especially the first one hehe. Congrats to Jack on his first lost tooth! Yay! Tell me your mass meals of frozen dinner recipes. I need some ideas!!! xoxo

love and life ♥ said...

Oh ps. Your Mama is beautiful! I definitely know where you got your beauty from! =)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Great photos. So funny about the tooth. How old is he? Glad your computer is fixed. Your mom is gorgeous!

creatingme said...

Really nice shots this week!!!