Friday, December 17, 2010

(184/365) 12 days to a joyful Christmas

Today I found joy at preschool!

Back in September, I volunteered to do a Christmas card craft with the kids at their Christmas party.  I brought all the pieces so the 3-4 year olds could just glue, place & glitter.  They were sooooo adorable making the cards!  And messy.....oh my!  Henry was so proud and excited to have me in his class....he'd look over & give me the hugest grin!!!!  I have no photos to document my time there, as the kiddos kept me on my toes so much so that I just put my camera away at snack time!

Here's mine & Henry's cards from class:
This photo came just before Henry's bedtime....he drew a photo of me, and then one of him beside me....