Thursday, October 14, 2010

playing catch-up (116-120/365)

I think I mentioned last week that it was crazy around here.  And this week, my husband has worked an 18 hour shift & a 12 hour shift so far and today is looking more like 18 I'm hiding out right now downstairs while Lily sleeps & the boys are content to watch a movie.  And playing a bit of blog catch up.

Day 116
Apparently THE way to eat a cupcake.

Day 117
Took the side off of the crib, it wasn't containing her anymore!  Safer to have her climb out at this level than have her slip & fall on her head on the hard floor!

Day 118
Carrot peels inspired me while I was making some delicious Potato Dill Soup.

Day 119
Jack's pine cone, taken while we were at the park.

Day 120
Ummmm....someone (me) left a sharpie out on my work desk.  Signed my life away for the computer equipment I took home (so I'm hoping the mouse dies before I ever finish working from home).  Artwork by Lily
xox charmaine 


Ewa said...

hahaha!that first shot is so fun:)
I have to say that I would never think that potaoe peels will look so nice, that's a nice edit

Linda Robinson said...

I just adore the cupcake shot.. Too cute!
I also just love the color on the pine cone
and Carrot peeling photos.. It looks like you are noticing all the little thing in your busy life.. Hugs, Linda

Buckeroomama said...

LOL! That's happened to us, too --the coming back to our work/papers to see scribblings all over them, because we'd left some pen out. :)

Faith said...

oh yeah, been there done that! My little one has scrawled all over the computer screen.