Tuesday, September 21, 2010

scavenger hunt sunday

I'm super late with this entry this week, but I'm thrilled to have found the remaining couple of items while we have been in Jasper & 2 for next week!!!

This week, Ashley had us hunting for:

1. Wish/Dream
I thought about taking a photo of one of my children sleeping, as I often wonder what they dream about....but then I saw this on a tree at our campsite.  It reminded me of writing initials of my "wish" when I was young & in school!

2. Clean
The water here in Jasper was sooooo crystal clear & it took everything to keep our kids out of it.

3. Currency

Henry found this nickel & said it was "Beaver Museum Money"!!!!  
(We'd recently gone to the Dinosaur Museum.)

4. Pair
Almost right after reading what the items were for this week's hunt, we turned a corner & saw this pair of barns....identical & worn....so beautiful!

5. Square
I have to thank Dan for noticing this one, Henry was playing with it in the bath....so next bath time I had to pull it out again!

Next week's items are:
1. Miniature
2. Water Droplet
3. Bedhead
4. Colorful
5. Eyes

I'll be working on getting caught up tonight after we get home or tomorrow morning....


Kimberly said...

great shots! I love the wish one - all the detail and I like the perspective on it. :)

Silence Sings said...

Awesome shots...loved your interpretations on each and every snap.....I loved most the wish and the pair snaps...

Ashley Sisk said...

These are so great....I especially love your pair shot. Better late than never! Hope you're having a great week!

Siobhan said...

Awesome photos!! Love them all....great job and can't wait to see the rest when you return...hope you are enjoying yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Love the barns!!

Courtney said...

These are gorgeous! I especially like the first and second ones. Love your interpretation.

Nancy E said...

LOVE the barns.. and the wish photo -- those were my faves, but these are all great shots. THANKS for stopping by my blog too! :) Great work!


Karli said...

Oh, these are FANTASTIC! :-) LOVE the tree, love the pic of your sweet lil' guy...and the barns are AWESOME! Great job - very creative! :-)

Amy said...

I really love your processing on the barns- it's a beautiful shot.