Sunday, September 26, 2010

(102/365) the return of mia....

When Jack was born, my sister-in-law's family gave him a stuffed husky dog.  We named her Mia (once Jack was old enough to choose a name....coincidentally right after we watched a movie about a husky dog named Mia).
(that's her, on the right & her buddy Max)

And then one day she went missing.  And was missing for a loooong time.  Seriously.  Over a year, and possibly up to two!  Every once & a while Jack would ask if we could buy a new Mia dog, but we'd just never run across one in a store.
Today, Dan took the kids to his best man's house & HOLY CRAP!!!!  There was Mia, waiting for Jack!  You know what it's get busy, have something for someone....put it somewhere "safe" and then never think about it again.  That's what I'm imagining happened, since there were no parents to tell us the story.

I'm using Mia's return for my Alphabet Photo Shoot photo for this week:
"D" is for dog

Ok.....I looked through my week for more "D" photos:
"D" is for water 2nd favorite one of the week (fave is in my scavenger hunt). (SOOC)

"D" is for doorknob
In class assignment....walk around inside the school (at night) and shoot anything/everything and get a perfect exposure. (SOOC)

"D" is for door
Same assignment.  I converted this one to Flora Bella's Champagne BW.

**photo disclaimer: I'm trying to shoot manual, so indoors might be crap for the next while.


Amanda said...

Yay you for shooting in manual! I'm so glad you guys found Mia! And that he is still in love with her! I love him snuggling.

Ashley Sisk said...

yay for Mia and yay for shooting manual. I found myself sneaking over to AV mode on Saturday afternoon. In my defense, it was really sunny!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

What a sweet reunion! Great choices for this week.

Barb Phillips said...

I agree YAY for shooting manual. Once learned you may never go back. thank you for linking up your photos to the ABC photo challenge.

Lou Belcher said...

Great photos. Especially love the dew.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

love the photo of your little guy with his dog, and really glad it was found

Seizing My Day said...

We have that husky... it was my son's favorite until he was almost 2 years... when Tiger came into his life... mr. husky took a backseat!

Love the reunion story and pic!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful D's...but how precious is your dog story and glad he found him!