Thursday, September 2, 2010

(78/365) poor sophie

So the one thing I didn't think of when we decided to meet a girlie dog....spaying.

I realize it's a good thing, but I'm feeling really sad for her right now.  She just got home from the vet before supper & doesn't seem to be able to do stairs.  And if she moves too much she cries.  And she has to wear a cone on her head for at least 7 days.  Poor, poor Sofa.
On the goofy boys thought it would be fun to wear the collar when I tried to feed her:
Here I sit at the kitchen table, sad puppy at my feet blogging, after the kitchen is cleaned, while my husband & 3 kids are messing it up again making back to school cookies.  No nut ones for Jack to take for his snack & nutty ones for our nutty family.  My favorite part: every time Dan looks at the recipe, Henry says: blah blah blah, ble ble ble blah.  A while ago they were making cookies (kinda happens a lot here) and Dan was going over the recipe & said those words.  Now ever since, Henry automatically does it when they're making cookies!  Makes me smile!


Annette Whelan said...

LOL...hate the cone of shame on Sophie but your son with the cone of shame...priceless!! :)

zentmrs said...

Aww... poor puppy. :-( I always feel bad for our furry friends when they need the cone. Hope she recovers quickly and is feeling better soon!

Siobhan said...

Poor Sophie....but it looks good on the will be back to her old self in no is amazing how much we worry about our pets tooooooooooooooooooo!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Poor Sophie, but seriously...your son is hilarious. It makes me laugh.