Tuesday, August 3, 2010

in a yellow house & the paper mama

2 challenges in one this time:

First.....In a Yellow House's theme this week is "Animal Kingdom". Our dog Sophie is the newest addition to our family & she's fitting in really well.

This photo is sooc, I thought about editing it....but I thought I'd leave it as is. Sophie came to us a black dog with a spot of white under her chin, on her chest & on one foot....so where is this brown hair coming from? I'm so curious to see what her adult coat will be like! Click on the button to see some other Animal Kingdom shots!

And second, this is my first challenge with The Paper Mama! This week's theme is "Buddies".

This photo is from my archives, our first camping trip this season. My boys are 22 months apart & the best of friends (when they're not fighting....).
The Paper Mama
Click to see more Buddies photos too!

Now....I think I'm ready to cuddle with my boys on the couch for a bit......


Ashley Sisk said...

Great shots - I really love the one of Sophie. It didn't need any work, it looks great SOOC.

Clare B said...

That first shot reminds me of my parents dog back in Australia - made me slightly homesick for her. She's such a wonderful friend.

The Mommy said...

I like the dog's profile in the first shot. Very cool, especially for a SOOC.

Faith said...

wow. really nice. love the color in your buddies shot.