Monday, August 23, 2010


Friday we headed out camping....a little later than we'd have liked so the littlest 2 fell asleep in the truck.  And I realized that I hadn't taken a photo for day 65.  So here's Lily fast asleep in her chair.
Day 66 we went to Banff & did our own Scavenger Hunt along the trails near the Cave & Basin.  My boy that usually scampers away from the camera actually sat still....and looked at me (only after I took a photo of him with his stick gun that he found first).
Day 67 we went to the Calgary Zoo.  Papa is the goofiest in our family & inspired this shot....Bear Attack!!
Happy Monday!!


Ashley Sisk said...

Great shots - Happy Monday!

Siobhan said...

Happy Monday --- looked like u had a great trip....