Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today is one of those weird temp kind of's been cooler than normal in our house & I considered turning on the furnace....but it's supposed to get hot later, so I don't want to then cool off the house with the a/c!

I decided it was the perfect day to make myself a pot of Chai.  My friend Wendy gave me her "recipe" & I find it so soothing!
***Approximately 4-5 cups water, 5 whole cloves, 5 green cardamom seeds - broken, 4 orange pekoe teabags (I use decaf...for an afternoon / evening treat).  Boil until it's really dark (5-10 min).
Add about a cup of milk (I use whole, but 2% would be fine too).  And add some sugar to taste...I personally use Demerra Brown Sugar, but my friend uses white....completely up to you.
And enjoy!!!  If you're used to Starbucks's not nearly as bold.  It's basically milky tea, with a hint of cloves & cardamom.....super tasty & comforting.

Have a great day!


Ashley Sisk said...

I love a good chai latte, but I make it the fast way.

Jennifer said...

Looks very tasty! I love your tea cup too. I have a thing for tea cups. I will have to try out the recipe too, always a nice drink on a cool day.

Ewa said...

I love a cap of tea, I have to try that recipe

Bess said...

Stopping by from FFF. I wasn't gonna post a comment on this post, but I couldn't resist the urge to tell you I LOVE your tea cups. I LOVE LOVE LOVE blue and white decor in the kitchen and love the old fashioned vibe the cup has.