Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Technology......I am sooooooo not good with it! Our 12 year old dinosaur TV finally kicked the bucket on Friday before camping, so we got some advice from my brother-in-law on what we should get, priced it out when we got back & made our new purchase! YAY! Except for the re-hooking-up problem that I seem to have EVERY time we need to do it!!! Seriously....I only unhooked 4 cables......and then couldn't get the TV to work.....and then got our TV working, but not our PVR/DVD player or our Divx! Here's a photo of the subject of my frustration last night.....from my iPhone, as I was not even interested in taking out my camera.....and I still don't have the darn PVR/DVD player working!

Oh well.......I've got our cable guy coming in a couple of days to trade our cable box for an HD cable box....maybe he'll (or she'll, for that matter) magically be able to hook all 3 boxes so we can watch our recorded shows (ok.....really, so I can host the Bachelorette Finale on Monday......).


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