Monday, July 19, 2010



...for Lily it's her soother (whoo whoo) & her blanket made by my cousin. She seems to want her soother all the time right now....and would take her blanket everywhere if I'd let her. Am I worried about her dependence? No....not many children go to school with one, and we're so far away from that. I'll let her have her comfort zone when she needs it for now, and take any cuddles I can get from a little girl who can hardly sit still! And enjoy my baby while she's still a baby, because soon there won't be any more in this house, and even though it can be trying at times, I'll miss this stage when it's gone.


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Siobhan said...

This so reminds me of Ryland who was the same way......he had his suckey all the time (comfort)...either in his mouth or his hand.....Thank-u for this..... brought a tear to my eye....cause they do grow up so fast