Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yesterday I saw my friend Michelle's fantastic girlie fabric camera strap! I went on Etsy with full intentions of ordering one for myself, but wasn't happy with my fabric choices & most of the people were actually making covers. I thought I should probably spend the 15 min it would probably take me & some of my favorite scraps to make my own.....

Also, I've been having problems getting what I want in focus. Whatever is closest seems to be what my camera has been grabbing (keep in mind here that I'm a total amateur & haven't even read my maual or taken a class). After some tips from some photographer friends, I played a bit while Hank was in the bath today!!


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Runner Mom said...

This picture of Hank is just precious!!! Love it! Practice is the key! I am still doing that..even on professional photo shoots! Enjoy that darling boy...they grow up too fast!