Thursday, July 8, 2010


Every morning, as I enjoy my book & coffee before the kids wake up, I watch this mama robin hunting for food & bringing it to the nest. I've been dying to take a look, but don't want to scare her off. This afternoon when we were playing in the yard, I noticed that she was gone, so I carried something to stand on & carefully balanced, not touching the tree. As a result, my focus is off, as I haven't figured out yet how to get the further object into focus.......any tips?

Well....this is now hours later & after some advice from a photog friend, my sister-in-law & a fellow challenge-mate (and photog friend)'s the new photo!!! The sun is setting behind the houses, so it's much darker, but also....IN FOCUS!!!!!!!!!! And I used my 55-200mm lens so I could get "closer" (and almost flipped the kiddie picnic table).

Man....these little robins are sooooo ugly......they're cute!

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Jennifer said...

So sweet! I too have darn near landed on my face while trying to capture just the right image at just the right angle. Great Photo!